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1.      My personal testimony to Alcoholics and drug users

When people look at us after Jesus Christ has picked us from the dust and clean us up by his precious blood, may think we have been angels’ ever since. However, we have all been slaves to sin. I was exposed and addicted to incest immorality such that I struggled with it even when I had started going to Church at the ages of 14-16 years. We were kind of engaging in sexual practices with my step sisters although we never had real penetration activity. However, the touching of sexual organs and kissing as well as rubbing our sexual organs together had grown into a habit. In prayer I asked God to rescue me, and I gave my life to Jesus Christ than just going to Church.

A certain woman of God who is a member of our Church where I serve as founder and senior pastor reported that her husband was terribly sick. The word of God in James 5:14-15 says, “Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord.” Therefore, in one Sunday after the service we went to her home. We had a deeper worship and I stood up to share the word of God. I told Mr. Bheki Dlamini that there is nothing too hard for Lord Jesus Christ. I told him that Jesus Christ heals all sicknesses and diseases and he is in control of everything as well as all situations. I moved on to say these are least things that Jesus Christ has authority over. Jesus Christ has power to do the impossible in our lives, that is to change our hearts and forgives all our sins. I told him that the most important thing at this point is not just to be healed, but is to be saved from sin. Mr. Bheki was an alcoholic and this lifestyle led him into a deadly condition, because he was suffering from serious liver failure. He was diagnosed with liver failure, as a large part of his liver was damaged. This man was not just an alcoholic, but was completely addicted to alcohol. I ministered to him the word of the Lord in Luke 1:37, “But nothing is impossible for God.". I emphasized that the Lord Jesus Christ has power and authority over all things. He had been told that chances for his healing were very slim, but I told him that with Jesus Christ his healing is possible. I promised him that Jesus Christ is not only willing to heal him in the flesh, but wants to heal him completely; spirit, soul and flesh. I promised him that Jesus helps us in all our weaknesses and infirmities, he forgives us and heals us. I too had personal addiction, but the day I asked the Lord to deliver me from the addiction I experienced great freedom. I told him that Jesus Christ can completely deliver him from the addiction that seeks to control and kill him. I even promised that with Jesus Christ it does not take some few days while maybe the cravings become lower. I told him that the salvation we receive from Jesus Christ redeems us instantly and completely from any addictive craving. I asked him to give his life to Jesus Christ and he raised his hand to accept the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Romans 10 the chapter of salvation I lead him into repentance. He confessed the Lord Jesus Christ that day and then after the prayer of repentance and salvation I asked the church members who were present to rise so that we could intercede for his healing from the liver infection and failure. We prayed for him and after the prayer I told him that he was now a Christian. I told him that he must consider having a spiritual home where he will fellowship and be helped to grow in faith. He decided that together with his wife will be members of our Church. It was from that day according to his testimony that he never took alcohol in his life. His life changed completely, he became a very committed believer and very supportive even in ministry. Today his entire family including their children and grandchild are committed Christians and members of our Church. Moreover, he is now serving in the church as a deacon. I have received many comments from local community people who knew him before he gave his life to Jesus Christ, they all commend the change they see in his life and in his family. He has enrolled in our Church Bible college and has declared his passion to preach the gospel. In this process of ministering to Mr. Bheki I leant so many things about the grace of God. I have learnt that the grace of God through Jesus Christ breaks every yoke. I use to believe that it really made sense and logic that addictions only need a long couseling program, giving the victim the time to undergo the process of losing the cravings slowly. However, with Jesus Christ I have learnt that no matter how much addicted a person might be, with Jesus Christ anyone can be delivered just at the time he/she accepts Jesus Christ. It might look like a fantastic story that the man who was possessed by a battalion troop of demons was set completely free the moment he meet Jesus Christ. I also learnt that it is not because I was smart to be free from the addiction of my adolescent incest immorality, but it was all through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I learnt also that Jesus Christ changes people’s lives once and for lifetime. 

He became a Christian from that day and after we had left the community I continued to make a follow up concerning his steps to grow as a Christian. Some few days down the line he told me that he has enrolled in Bible School taking Bible classes after working hours in the evening. Moreover, some days after that the family sent us a testimony that the community leaders in the local government came to their new home and extended their land. This was a miracle after Mr. Dumsani gave his life to Jesus Christ.The man lived habitually in commentary, and no one was able to bind him. They tried all ways to bind him and keep him home, but the evil spirits would make him break off all the chains and go back to the commentary. That is how sin binds and controls human life. There is nothing that people can do to tame the sinful nature within a human. The only way of freedom from this slave master is the kindness or grace of God given to the world through the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Hybrid Courses Have Advantages But Business Students Do Not Like Them

William H. Price, DBA, Associate Professor, University of Texas of Permian Basin, Odessa, Texas 79762  e-mail:  


The perception of education quality for business management courses taught by traditional lecture in a classroom or taught by a hybrid blended lecture and online is similar. This study sampled the anticipated and perceived expectation of students in each category. We also looked at traditional versus non-traditional undergraduate business student inclination to enroll in a hybrid course. While we expected the non-traditional students, which tend to work longer hours, to prefer the hybrid format since it did not require as much time on campus. However there was little difference in non-traditional student preference, we discovered a slight preference by Sophomore students for the hybrid format of delivery.

Isaac Newton Zormelo, Accra, Ghana

Dr. Ludwig Otto is a life changing great man of God whom God has strategically positioned at this end time for bringing people from the state of lost to salvation. On behalf of my family, Ministry, Community, Village, and Country Ghana, I say may the good Lord continue to grant Dr. Ludwig Otto more knowledge and strength to complete his assignment on this planet earth.

Faithful Man Of God, Stay Blessed with your family and Ministry for Training me through Christian Evangelism Degree, Masters and Doctorate and I am now efficient Instrument for executing the Great Commission. I am proud of you Dr. Ludwig Otto for your time, energy, wisdom, knowledge, strength and the Power of the Holy Spirit that was at work in you with all the gifts from the Lord Jesus Christ impacted and vested on me for my SALVATION during my training.  [Isaac Newton Zormelo]