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    What are the legal requirements to start a Christian school in the where you live?                

                  To begin, Christian school do not have any specific requirements to operate, they follow the same procedures to obtain an operation license just like any other business of operation, but are strictly monitor by the government for special control and regulations as demanded by the socialist system in Germany 

  1)Firstly we will need to look for a school name  from names online, name search that is not yet register by another religious entity or school and register with the government by paying amount of money at the  government registry for both service fee for  the Christian school name registration.

              2)-Secondly, we need to have a meeting with core members for voting of key positions like the president, Vice president, Secretary, Directors, Executive directors, Trustees etc, in other to  hand executive powers of responsibilities for Christian school operations for those elected.

 3) –All members need to agree on a meeting to   incorporate the religious association signed by all parties/members.

 4)- You need to take 2 copies of the agreed and signed meeting minutes to the public notary for legal certification.